The Sweetest Yogurt Shop Supplies Available

It goes without saying that a yogurt shop needs at least one yogurt machine, but what other yogurt shop supplies are recommended? Though the machine dispenses one or more delicious flavors of this cool treat, that is not enough for some customers. They will not even think about leaving the shop until their yogurt is topped with everything imaginable. Give them what they want and they will surely become loyal patrons.

Yogurt flavors have gotten more exquisite in recent years and this trend is expected to continue. It is not uncommon to see flavors like toasted coconut, blueberry acai, and German chocolate cake on the yogurt shop menu. One would think these tastes alone would be satisfying. This is not so for frozen yogurt aficionados. They know that the magic is in the toppings and they are not shy about taking their fair share.

By adding yogurt toppings dispensers, shop owners are opening up a new world to many customers. Whether patrons serve themselves and pay based on weight or workers do the dispensing, toppings are a sure bet. Dry toppings flow from bins, gravity, and wall-mounted dispensers throughout the day. Wet toppings are pumped or ladled from large cylindrical dispensers, some units warming their contents before depositing them onto the cool yogurt. Choosing toppings for a cup of yogurt has become a shopping experience in itself.

So, what exactly are customers loading onto their frozen yogurt? You name it and someone has probably tried it. Nuts and pretzels add a touch of salt to this sweet treat. Crumbled cookies give crunch to an otherwise smooth dessert. Crushed candy pieces are decadent, adding to the sweetness and offering complementary flavors like chocolate, peanut butter, and toffee.

Even health-conscious customers can jump on the topping bandwagon. Fresh fruit like peaches, pineapples, strawberries, kiwi, mangoes, mandarin oranges, and even grapes make excellent toppers to frozen yogurt. Then there are the classic syrup-based toppings like hot fudge, hot caramel, strawberry glaze, and wet walnuts. No need to say more- it is enough to make the mouth water.

It is easy to understand what a difference adding yogurt shop supplies like wet and dry toppings dispensers can make. Frozen yogurt goes from tasty to fabulous and the dessert becomes a work of art. The more combination possibilities, the more return visits customers will make to the shop. They will not know which concoctions are best until they try them all.