Facts For Fragrance Shopping

There’s an air of recklessness in the air….or it’s more like, there’s a scent in the air and it smells like something you would smell really sexy with. The fire of impulsiveness burns deep inside of you. You CAN’T walk past without at least TRYING the scent out on your own skin, you think. This is what happens when you strike up an unknowing relationship with a fragrance and you must approach this with stubborn determination to know everything there is to know about the scent before whipping out the plastic.

Here are a couple of facts to bear in mind before purchasing a fragrance.

You can’t smell them all in one day
We’ve all been through it….fleeting from one counter to the next, smelling scent after scent on the paper that the sales person has sprayed it on. My advice is that you should limit yourself to smelling no more than ten different fragrances in one day because once you’ve crossed the line, they all start smelling more or less the same. It’s possible to drown your sense of smell with too much.

If you find yourself fixated to one particular scent, test THAT ONE out on your own skin to see how the scent mingles in with your own body chemistry. The same scent sprayed on different people will most probably smell slightly different to others.

How long should you keep the perfume?
There’s, generally speaking, no age limit to a bottle of scent. They usually last as long as you want them to if properly stored and kept. But I’ve known many bottles of my favorite perfumes to take a turn for the worse after a couple of years and that’s when you’re suppose to dump them. Fragrances should be kept in a dim and dark place, not under the sun or beside your clothes dryer.

Our sense of smell is so unique that it can make you FEEL an emotion you wish to feel
For instance, if you are told that there are apples in a box and you have to stick your nose into it, you’ll smell apples even if there are peaches in there. This is because our sense of smell is very….vulnerable and flexible to suggestions. Imagine the same kind of thing for your eyes – can you actually see an apple in a box if someone told you that there was?

Likely not, unless you’ve got supernatural imagination, of course.

This is not a surprise at all because our sense of smell is a very well-developed one….one that is the first of all our senses to fully develop in the womb.

So, bear this in mind when you’re out shopping for a good bottle of fragrance. Who knows, you might find one that makes you feel absolutely beautiful, young and sexy.